Brazilian Samba speciality blend

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A very moreish coffee with a superb nutty flavour profile. Smooth and versatile, these beans have been roasted to bring out their sweetness in the cup.

This makes a great espresso but it can be brewed via a variety of methods as it is a very flexible coffee. It pairs brilliantly with milk!

Taste Profile: Rich, Chocolate, Hazelnut

Brazilian coffee beans are always extremely popular and our Brazilian Samba blend is no different! It has been carefully crafted and roasted to bring out a delicious mild, nutty and sweet flavour profile. It’s very smooth and creamy and the tasting notes of chocolate and hazelnut make for a very moreish coffee. A recent 2023 Great Taste Award winner, our Samba blend makes a sweet, balanced espresso and is superb through milk. One to enjoy!

Weight2000 g
Processing method


Roast level

Medium, Dark


Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot


South America

Taste profile

Rich, Chocolate, Hazelnut


Nutty & smooth

Product Reviews

7 reviews for Brazilian Samba speciality blend

  1. Kevin Costello

    Lovely coffee. Make a great flat white with it every morning ????

  2. Nicole Lindsell

    Delicious coffee and beautifully smooth. Very pleased to have this on subscription!

  3. Steeveejens

    Such a lovely tasting coffee, I’m going to put this onto a subscription along with a couple of others that I’m still yet to try.

  4. Alex Robinson

    In a Chemex this is a smooth, clean, medium-bodied coffee. Perfect for a weekend brunch. Excellent.

  5. Deborah Miloshev

    The best coffee I have ever had, it is just delicious

  6. Michela Di tocco

    Strong coffee, good creama. Great tasing as espresso and with milk.

  7. [email protected]

    This is such a lovely coffee. Very chocolatey and nutty. Everything I like in a coffee.

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