Santa’s Bean Speciality Blend


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This year’s Santa’s Bean coffee consists of a beautiful single origin bean which makes for the perfect Christmas coffee experience.  Carefully roasted to bring out the distinct spice and Christmas cake flavours with notes of orange zest, A unique and very festive flavour profile and definitely one to try during the festive season!

Country *Finland

Region *Lapland

Farm Independent smallholders

Variety: Typica, Bourbon

Altitude 1500 – 1800 masl

Proc. Method Washed

*Actual Country and Region may vary but this is Santa’s secret….

Coffee Recipe

We have enjoyed this coffee via Aeropress.


20g in, topped with 80g of 95degree water, allowed to brew for 1minute 30 seconds, flipped and pressed. Topped with 200g of extra water to dilute.


Intense & Full bodied, Rich & Chocolatey

Taste profile

Chocolate, Spice, Orange, Raisin

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2 reviews for Santa's Bean Speciality Blend

  1. CalvinLovesCoffee


  2. molly429

    So festive! It actually tastes like Christmas in a cup! Only bought a small bag but will be buying a lot more very soon!

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