Take a beautiful Arabica coffee and grow it in the verdant mountains of Southern India. Then harvest the beans, dry them and and store them until the monsoon season arrives. Then throw open your warehouse doors and let the storms in and watch the coffee beans swell as they soak up the
moisture. This is how you make Monsoon Aged Coffee. What this produces, is a completely unique coffee with a bold, pungent and spicy taste.

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Indian Malabar monsoon coffee

Indian Monsooned Malabar AA Single Origin Coffee Beans | intense, whiskey, smoked oak


A uniquely special matured bean affected by long exposure to humidity with an immense flavour profile – rich and complex with spiced, smoked barrel notes and a unique taste. Roasted at Iron & Fire to really bring out the immense and complex tones reminiscent of dark smokey libraries and billiard tables.  A great digestif after a hearty meal – perhaps enjoy with a Cuban cigar… stunning.

SCA Cup Score : 82

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Roaster's choice coffee subscription

Roaster’s Choice Speciality Coffee


Our favourite and most popular coffees. The very best of what we have, ethically sourced beans from around the world,  roasted to give a full complex speciality taste. A real ‘go-to’ for all coffee lovers who want to have the best coffee we have.

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