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Brazilian Fazenda Paredao


These Rainforest Alliance Brazilian single origin coffee beans are brought to us by Pedro Humberto Veloso, who has been producing speciality coffee since 1977. Fazenda Paredao is situated in the region of Cerrado Mineiro a specialty-producing region of Brazil. This is a beautiful, exotic coffee which has been carefully roasted to bring out the natural honey and chocolate undertones with apple and grape flavours coming through.

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Brazilian Serra Negra speciality coffee beans


These beautiful Brazilian single origin coffee beans typically scores between 82–84 points on the cupping table. Roasted to bring out the notes of milk chocolate, mild citrus, and clean nuts, this is a great Brazilian coffee, with a very reasonable price tag for a speciality blend.

Brazilian tasting notes


Colombian Jazz Coffee beans

Colombian Jazz speciality coffee beans


Colombian Jazz is one of our favourite and most popular coffees. The very best of Colombian, ethically sourced beans from the Huila region of Colombia roasted to give a full bodied mouth feel with rich chocolate and caramel undertones and a pleasant cherry acidity. A real ‘go-to’ coffee for all coffee lovers.

Colombian Jazz tasting notes


Costa Rican coffee beans

Costa Rican Amapola Tarrazu single origin coffee beans


This beautiful single origin Costa Rican coffee bean has been carefully roasted at Iron & Fire to bring out its smooth mouthfeel and buttery notes. Well balanced and refined with a clean body. Hazelnut, nutmeg, butter, caramel and citrus …a current favourite amongst our team!

Costa Rican tasting notes


Ethiopian coffee beans

Ethiopian Sidamo speciality coffee beans


This beautiful coffee from Ethiopia has a lot to offer. When made as an espresso it has a medium body with a light floral aroma. On the palate it is sweet and has a bright grapefruit acidity.

When you brew this coffee using a filter method you are welcomed by more of those floral notes and a complex lively citrus acidity with a light body. One to try!

  • medium bodied (espresso)
  • fruity
  • floral
  • bright acidity (grapefruit)
  • Sweet
  • complex

Ethiopian tasting notes


Guatemalan hand roasted speciality coffee

Guatemalan Antigua San Carlos single origin coffee beans


These beautiful Guatemalan single origin coffee beans have been grown by Jorge Alberto Zamora, the passionate owner of three small farms in Antigua. This is a complex and fruity coffee that has been carefully roasted to bring out the delicious flavours of strawberry and kiwi- the perfect blend of sweet and citrus.

Honduran hand roasted speciality coffee, roasted by Iron & Fire speciality coffee roaster

Honduras San Juan single origin coffee beans


These San Juan single origin coffee beans have been sustainably produced in the high altitudes of the Western region of Intibuca. This is a bright and fruity coffee that has been carefully roasted to bring out the beautiful flavours of apricot and lemon, with a spicy finish.

Kenyan Karatina coffee beans Out Of Stock

Kenyan Karatina single origin coffee beans


This Kenyan Karatina Single origin coffee bean is grown in a region that produces the best coffee in Kenya. Its high altitude along with the fertile volcanic soils of the region, is the key to the almost unbelievable flavours that can be found within the cup.

The development of hybrids during the 1930s brought about the highly successful varietals, SL28 and SL34 – coffees that are now world famous and highly admired for their wonderful complexity in the cup. This is one not to be missed!

Kenyan Kiambara tasting notes

Morning glory coffee beans

Morning Glory Speciality Blend – Great Taste Award


A blend of two single origin African and South American speciality beans, we are delighted to announce this coffee had been given a 2 star ‘outstanding’ Great Taste award by the prestigious Guild of Fine food. We have carefully roasted this coffee to bring out its fullness, distinct citrus flavours and hint of sweetness. A beautiful start to the day.

Morning Glory tasting notes


Old Brown Java coffee beans

Old Brown Java single origin coffee beans


A uniquely special naturally matured bean with an immense flavour profile – rich and full bodied with whiskey, smoked barrel notes and earthy tones. Roasted at Iron & Fire to really bring out the immense earthy rich tones reminiscent of dark smokey libraries and billiard tables. Stunning and perhaps not for the faint-hearted! A great digestif after a hearty meal – perhaps enjoy with a Cuban cigar… stunning.

Old Brown Java tasting notes


Rwandan coffee beans Out Of Stock

Rwandan Huye Mountain micro lot single origin coffee beans


These Cyarumbo Rwandan Huye Mountain 2017 micro lot single origin coffee beans are exceptional beans producing outstanding coffee. Beautifully complex and clean with light bergamot and tangerine flavours. A highly rewarding coffee. These subtle flavours make it perfect as a pour over and work surprisingly well with a touch of milk. A limited Micro Lot and we are almost out!

Rwandan tasting notes


Rwandan coffee beans

Rwandan Nova Fully Washed single origin coffee beans


These single origin Rwandan Nova Fully Washed coffee beans have been brought to us by Agnes Mukamushinja and her team based at the Nova Washing Station in Northern Rwanda. A well balanced, sweet coffee with notes of lemon and fig. A dark chocolate body provides a deliciously clean and bright finish. One to try!

Winter’s Bean Blend


Our brand-new seasonal edition Winter’s Bean blend- warming and spicy cinnamon and orange notes create an utterly comforting cup and a delight to the senses! Perfect for the cold winter months.