Awards and Coffee: Two Shots are Always Best! Iron & Fire Win Two More Good Taste Awards

17 September 2019

We have been ridiculously excited here at Iron & Fire after the news that we have been awarded two more Great Taste awards by the prestigious Guild of Fine Food. There may have been a party, but we’ve agreed not to talk about – what happens in the roastery…

We already had an award under our belt from them for our Morning Glory blend, so the announcement of two more feels like amazing recognition for what we do. And this is a serious national award: the Guild of Fine Food use 500 specialist tasters who spend 65 days judging the entries for their Great Taste Awards, so you know they mean business.

What makes it so personally important to us is that they chose two coffees of which we are so proud and which we are always talking about to friends and customers. Colombian Jazz is an amazing coffee which produces quality and depth of flavour for us every time: if you want a coffee that you can drink again and again and know that it is going to deliver a delicious experience every time, this is it. We have always known this and so have our customers.

The other award feels especially significant, because we have been promoting our Lo-Caf, Low caffeine coffee as a part of the new wave of low caffeine coffees which are great coffees in their own right. Now we have an award to show how right we have been and we will drink a toast to it…in Lo-Caf…at midnight…and sleep like babies!

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