What Are The Top 5 Countries that produce Quality Coffee Beans ?

10 November 2019

Here at Iron & Fire, we believe that it is a smart idea to do our homework on countries that produce coffee. To find the top coffee producing countries in order for our professional coffee roasting team to do the business. Then for our customers to be happy with the product we produce. If the coffee bean is poor then we can’t do our job, we owe everything to the growers. There are just over 80 countries in the world that have the right climatic conditions and 50 that have the right industrial conditions for production. Here are our 5 favourite countries that we ethically source our beans from.


Located in the North East of Africa, Ethiopia is known as the ‘Horn of Africa’. The country makes amazing quality coffee beans, flavours of sweet fruit and exquisite floral aromas. The African country has the largest generic variants in coffee beans. They grow wild in Ethiopia and there are many variants of coffee still out there that hasn’t been discovered yet. The country is most famous for its Harrar coffee bean which is grown in the eastern part, grown on peasant farms.


Growing 15% of the world’s coffee beans, Columbia grows the top-quality renowned coffee bean Arabica among many others. Columbians have struggled in recent times, between 1985 and 2010 temperatures have risen and so has the precipitation rates which has scuppered the countries coffee bean production. The other beans they produce are Supremo, Extra and Excelso. Supremo is the best coffee bean from Columbia having an intense flavour with balanced aromas.


Jamaican coffee is seen to be one of the best in the world. ‘The crème de la crème’ coffee variety is an expensive variety costing up to $60 for a 16-ounce bag. The general flavours of the coffee are largely focused on a strong rum aroma, and the smooth, well-rounded flavours. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is so expensive because of its supply and demand. The blue mountain only has so much space to grow coffee beans on and customers love its unique flavour. 80% of the country’s coffee production is transported to Japan for sale.


Kenyan coffee beans have a reputation as one of the best coffee beans producing countries. The effort that the growers in the country go through to source and clean the coffee beans is unrivalled created an excellent coffee bean. The Kenyan government put the coffee beans to auction when they’re ready to be sold. The highest quality of beans goes for the highest prices giving the coffee farmers some motivation to farm the best coffee bean. The general Kenyan coffee bean has sweet fruity notes with a syrup-like body, aroma wise they have a fruity and floral scent.


The climate in Guatemala is one of the most diverse in the world for coffee production. There are 7 main areas in the country where the coffee is grown with Antigua, Huehuetenango and Atitlan being the most renowned. All 7 have different climates that mean that they produce a slightly different variation. This gives the Central American country some variation in the coffee beans they produce. The flavour of Guatemalan coffee is a rich, medium to full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate.

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